Cities of Yllith








Augaholm Population: 400; Mixed(human 82%, dwarf 8%, halfling 6%, half-elf 3%, Lith 1%)

This small farming village was the first stop into civilization for the party. The met briefly with a kindly farmer named Bosck Greentree, who put them up for a couple of nights in exchange for work.

The village is made up of tough, hardworking men and women who speak bluntly and have little time for foolishness.

Places of Note

Town Elder: Mort Geants

The Horned Ox: Inn and Tavern. Prop. Blaith Underwood. Human.

Blood of the Vine: Tavern Prop. Elait WhiteMoon. Half-Elf

Rented Cup: Tavern Prop. Groth BlackBrew. Dwarf

Blacksmith: Prop. Rowen Ironfist. Dwarf

Horse Trader: Prop. Charles Pike. Human

General Store: Prop. Mica Provel. Human

Brindinford Population 4,807; Mixed (human 84%, halfling 9%, dwarf 4%, half-elf 1%, half-orc 1%, Lith 1%)

The town of Brindinford is divided into six neighborhoods, or wards. No walls or other clear divisions separate the wards, but the quality of a neighborhood changes rapidly as one travels along the single main road through town.

The neighborhoods are: The Keep and Silver Hill North Ward Chatterstreet Market Eastgate West Hill Southspur

Places of Note Smith: Weaponsmith Prop. Shooma. Dwarf

The Reality Wrinkle: Bookstore Prop. Jellik. Human

The Misty Diamond: Jeweler Prop. Arthur Morhoise. Human

Sila’s Saddles: Saddlemaker and Leatherworker Prop. Sila Maklevie. Human

Brookhollow Population 200; Mixed (human 79%, halfling 9%, dwarf 5%, half-elf 5%, half-orc 1%, Lith 1%)

Located on the Slipper River, Brookhollow is a tiny community that thrives from the logging industry. Its only claim to fame is its proximity to the ruins of Castle Overlook that lies with two hours journey.

Places of Note Cutter’s Inn: Inn and Tavern Prop. Tril Cutter. Halfling

Kerwin’s Smith and General Store: Smith and General Store Prop. Kerwin Colby. Dwarf

Tack’s Mill: Grain Mill Prop. Tacks Friez. Human

Halmstead Population: 600; Mixed(human 78%, dwarf 9%, halfling 7%, half-elf 4%, Lith 2%)

This small village makes its living from the lumber industry, as well as monster hunting in the area.

The village is the home to many proffesional loggers and monster-hunters. They are a hardy lot who ask for alittle and give even less.

Places of Note The Felled Tree: Inn and Tavern Prop. Jaron Frieze. Half-Elf

Constable Prop. Patrik Bloodtie. Human

Cities of Yllith

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