Knowledge, Curiosity

Align. N

Symbol: A lit candle over open book on field of gray

Domains: Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery

Marilene, the Loremaster, the deity who inspires within humanity the desire to know, to understand, to communicate, and to learn. She represents all that is good and evil about knowledge, the potential for both right and wrong, truth and lies, honesty and secrets. Marilene taught the first humans the basics of language and the methods to learn about the world around them. Marilene is depicted as an elderly woman in a gray robe with gray hair and eyes, leaning on an old wooden quarterstaff. On her back is a large satchel filled to the brim with books.

She is the Scribe God, the Lawmaker and Divine Teacher. She made the first laws, created writing, and showed those who would listen how to make tools that their people might live and prosper within the world. She is the Thinker and the Architect. Without the aid of Marilene, there could be no nations or civilizations. She is the patron of architects, academics, scribes, and soothsayers, as well as the protector of buildings and sacred places.

Marilene’s priests are charged with insuring that his dictums for learning and expanding on the fields of knowledge are obeyed, and that the pursuit of such things is respected. Priests are also charged with expanding the knowledge of the priesthood as a whole, learning as much about the world as possible in order truly honor Marilene.


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