Mirg Kullion


Align. N.E.

Symbol. Blue grave marker on field of black

Domains: Death, Fate, Law, Protection

Mirg Kullion causes the death of all beings in the world. Some he kills with age, some with murder or disease. Every death is caused by Mirg Kullion, though painful death pleases him the most. He is the creator and overseer of hell.

When a person dies, his spirit lingers near the body contemplating its life and death. Soon, Mirg Kullion’s demons come to the recently departed and lash out at the soul, eager to punish it whether it is deserving of punishment or not. Talbron comes along quickly however, to move the deceased along to its judgement.

Mirg Kullion appears as a faceless black robe, a rusted claymore clutched in its skeletal hands.

The churches of Mirg Kullion are a quiet and secretive organization. They gather together in dark and forboding places, such as a graveyard at midnight, to worship the god of death.

Mirg Kullion

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