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Symbol. White tree spread before gold sun

Domains: Earth, Animal, Plant, Destruction

Syluk is the deity of Nature, the one who strikes the balance between destruction and growth, who serves to oversee the plants and animals of the world, ruling over those who do not serve a god of the world, and watching over even those that do. Syluk watches over humanity as much as he does the natural world, however. He was the first one to discover the methods by which humanity could communicate with the gods of the world, and he taught humanity these methods, imbuing within them a requirement to seek a balance and compromise with nature rather than seeking to dominate it or flee from its awesome power. Syluk is depicted as a young man with black hair, a black beard, and brown eyes. He has the tattoo of a white tree on his left cheek. He is dressed in hunting leathers with a bow on his back and a spear in hand.

Syluk’s priests are charged with insuring that humanity seeks to retain a balance between humanity and nature, while respecting the gods of the world and seeing that they are properly propagated.

They teach proper hunting and forestry techniques, making sure that humanity gains what it needs from the forest without harming the forest. They also watch the natural cycles, seeking to detect irregularities in the natural movement of things that may be signs of insane gods of the world, disrespectful humans, or unnatural monsters at work. These things are all dealt with at the hand of Syluk’s priests, showing the harshness and brutality of nature against that which disrupts it.


Verthal Balron