Storms, Death’s Guide

Align. C.N.

Symbol. Lightning bolt splitting mountain in twain

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Storm

The Storm Dragon is the divine beast of cataclysm and fury in nature. He both destroys and makes way for new growth. From its steps spring quakes, firestorms, storms, and tornadoes. Talbron also embodies the natural order, and Law as manifest in nature. Because of this, Talbron is a god of death, and is said to come and gather the souls of the righteous into his fanged mouth, so that he might deliver them to the Hearth and eternal paradise. Those who are evil he consumes and sends into the Beneath. To say that someone is “in the jaws of Talbron” is to say that they have just died. Talbron has no special agenda amongst the mortal world. He simply is, and represents an inescapable fact of life.


Verthal Balron