The Keeper of Secrets

The Keeper of Secrets appears as a middle-aged man of average height with graying-brown hair and beard. He appears dressed in gray travelling clothes and cap, carrying a gray-wood staff, a sword and small bear-headed dagger in his belt.

He talks in an archaic manner, like one used to speaking another language completely.

His apparent knowledge of the history, cultures, and customs of Verthal seems to be unparalleled.

The Keeper sometimes appears in taverns, bars, and inns through-out the land, telling stories and tales to the patrons.

Though it is not common knowledged to the world, The Keeper has shared a few things about his past.

The most significant of which is that he has seen the end of the world 36 times. Everytime the final darkness surrounds the land, and he closes his eyes to die; he wakes up two days before the Breaking of the world, several thousand years earlier.

Although The Skeeper of Secrets tries to stay out of the direct affairs of man; he does occasionally give advice, and strong nudges to those who need it.

The Keeper of Secrets

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