The Races of Verthal






Elves. The elves are a mistrusted, hated and feared race. Though no-one remembers exactly why these feelings toward the elves began, the intervening ages of war with them have supplied enough fuel to continue with these feelings for a long time to come. The elves are a magical people, beautiful to look upon as well as gifted with amazing inner and outer strength.

Favored Class: Sorcerer

Lifespan: 300 years.

Dwarves. A greatly respected people, the dwarves are best known for their mining and metalworking abilities. They are a gentle friend to those they love, and a fearsome enemy to those they hate. They are a steadfast and dependable people whose word is never given lightly, and once given never broken. Most choose to live below ground in their tunnels and caverns, though some do live on the surface world and have good relationships with most of the other races.

Favored Class: Warrior

Lifespan: 150 years.

Half-Orcs. Half-orcs are a breed of people that make their own way through life. Truly belonging neither to the races of orc or of human. They are accepted by the “civilized” based on their contribution to society and to their village. No one is truly shunned for the actions of their parent races.

Favored Class: Barbarian

Lifespan: 75 years.

Halflings. A quiet, friendly people, the halflings have no place they call their own. Instead, they choose to live in areas and settlements founded by other races and peoples. Halflings are also known for their highly magical natures and are looked at as living and looking very similar to the elves. Amazingly, this produces no feelings of distrust or fear. Instead, the halflings are accepted for their own merits and are valued members of society.

Favored Class: Wizard

Lifespan: 120 years.

Gnomes. The gnomes are little more than myth to the peoples of Yilleth. They are said to live in the deepest shadows of the forests where they can play their pranks on hardworking peoples with ease. Blamed for most things that go wrong without explanation, the gnomes are seen as nothing more than an intelligent race of gremlins.

Half-Elves. Though the race of elves are hated and feared, half-elves live a completely different life. Usually conceived through violent circumstances, the half-elves tend to become adopted by the communities they grow up in. The sins of the elven parents are overlooked in these half-breeds and they are given a place in their community. This is sometimes resented by the half-elves who see others judged on their contributions to the community and not through the unfortunate circumstance of their birth. These few tend to lash out at their community through larcenous deeds and attitudes.

Favored Class: Rogue

Lifespan: 150 years.

Liths. The Liths are a different story altogether. Springing from the race of man, they possess most of the features of their parents, with a few exceptions. The Liths are born with strange features and mutations that manifest themselves at birth. Some of the more common features that show include; three digits on every limb, exceptionally large eyes, eyes without external lids, small mouths, no noses, large noses, a single tentacle that springs from the back of their head, hairless, as well as a variety of others. They also tend to color differently than others; pink, jet-black, brown and deep blue are some of the colors they show at birth. No one knows why these mutations show up in the children, though several have made guesses over the centuries. Most of these guesses are wild and based on superstition more than fact. Conception at midnight during a full-moon, trauma to the mother while carrying the child, carnal knowledge between the mother and a forest gnome or satyr, and a host of others are used to explain away these strange features.

The Liths, amazingly, are accepted at face value however, and usually live full productive lives among their communities, free of prejudice and fear.

The liths are known for their amazing inner strength of will and make brilliant sorcerers, wizards and Psions.

Cha. +1, Str. -1

Favoured Class: (Choose one) Sorcerer or Psionicist.

Lifespan: 100 years.

The Races of Verthal

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