War and Battle.

Align. C.N.

Symbol: Two swords crossed over field of Red

Domains: Chaos, Protection, Strength, War

Tolog is the BattleLord and the Soldier, the leader of men, and the man in the thick of things, fighting it out with all of those who oppose him. Tolog is the twin brother of Torik. He represents all that is good about war, the courage and the honor, and he represents all that is bad about war, the brutality and the murder. He taught the first mortals how to fight, to strategize, and to win and to this day he watches every battle that is fought inspiring particularly worthy generals with new tactics and strategies to win. Tolog is depicted as soldier covered from head to toe in red armor, without a single part of his body to be seen. He wields either a sword or a battle-axe in combat combined with a large shield emblazoned with his symbol.

Tolog’s priests are charged with insuring that battle is still seen as a glorious enterprise, one that should bestow honor, reward, and praise on to those who are skilled in it. They are to make sure that people maintain skilled, effective, and competent armies. To fight ineffectively through incompetence is considered to be a direct insult to Tolog. If you do not have the skill to fight than you should not be fighting. Individual priests are often charged to wander the land and learn all they can about tactics and battle, fighting in as many worthy battles as possible on their own in order to see if Tolog inspires them.


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