Duty, Loyalty

Align. L.G.

Symbol. Open hand hovering over a city wall.

Domains: Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Strength.

Torik the Protector, lawful good Guardian of All Life. The twin of Tolog, though some say they are closer than twins. He is called the Watchful, the Never-Sleeping God, and the Grim. Paladins, soldiers who believe in a cause, and monks all worship Torik. He is the very conception of honor and martial prowess. Torik believes in defending the home, in keeping bargains, and in enforcing peace. He seeks the wicked within the home, and is the Avenger of Treachery. He is the defender of the weak, and champion of the hopeless and none come before him wanting if it is within his means to grant them boon.

Torik’s Priests are charged with wandering the countryside seeking out injustices and righting the wrongs to the helpless wherever they encounter it.


Verthal Balron